Simple FastAPI Template

A FastAPI template to streamline your FastAPI development process with logging, web UI, SSL, deployment scripts, and more.

Crafting Your FastAPI Journey with FastAPI Template

Welcome to another wonderful journey in the realm of Python! If you've ever pondered upon the thought of building FastAPI applications, but had concerns about how to structure the application, maintain a productive environment, and set up production-ready deployment scripts, I have some fantastic news to share!

I'm excited to introduce you to FastAPI Template, a personal project that I have developed, with the primary goal to streamline your FastAPI development process. This template comes power-packed with pre-configured features and ensures you're starting your new projects on a robust foundation, adhering to best practices.

So, What's In The Box?

Clean File Structure

An uncluttered, organized file structure is an often-underestimated pillar of a successful project. The FastAPI Template lends a clean and sensible structure, ensuring optimal organization and readability.

Virtual Environment Setup

Dependency management can be a real pain. This template comes with a virtual environment setup that houses all your dependencies, preventing any conflicts with other projects on your machine.

Production-Ready Deployment Scripts

Time to bid adieu to deployment woes. Our template provides bash scripts, well-suited and ready for deployment in production environments. So you can just focus on developing that brilliant application!

Configurable SSL Setup

Safety first! The template includes configurable SSL setup options, which ensure secure connections, preserving the integrity of your data transmissions.


When things go awry, logs are your best friend. The FastAPI Template is pre-configured with logging, saving all the details into a file.

Web UI

Viewing logs should not feel like deciphering an ancient script. The template includes a user-friendly web UI to view and search logs, equipped with plenty of handy options.


Calling All Contributors

Our journey doesn't end here! I wholeheartedly believe in the power of community and the beauty of collaborative work. This project is not just mine, but it's ours! If you wish to contribute to this project, I would be thrilled.

Your contribution can take many forums – from reporting bugs, suggesting improvements, to adding new features. Every bit of help is valuable and makes our project better. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned software engineer or a beginner, there's room for everyone in our community!

Contributing to open-source projects like this not only enriches your portfolio but also offers an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Together, we can shape the FastAPI Template into a tool that developers won't be able to imagine their FastAPI journey without.

I invite you to join this journey and look forward to your valuable contributions. Let's elevate our coding game together!

To get started, you can link to the project repository. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Remember, every great journey starts with a single step. Let's take this step together and shape a new chapter in FastAPI development!

Thank you and happy coding!




Story Time

I work with FastAPI a lot, infact I mostly use this for all of my personal and professional projects. I have been using FastAPI for over a year now and I have been loving it.

For me the first step is always the hardest, I always have to setup the project structure, setup the virtual environment, setup the deployment scripts, setup the logging, setup the web UI for the logs, setup the SSL, the list goes on and on.

So I decided to create a template that I can use for all of my projects, and I can just focus on the development part.

There you have it, the FastAPI Template was born. I hope you too can use this template and make your FastAPI journey a little bit easier.


Special Thanks

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash


Contribution for logging code by Sai Reddy



Feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, or questions about FastAPI Template in the comments section below. Let's engage in meaningful discussions and explore the endless possibilities of FastAPI development made easy!

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